Amsak Cranes are individually designed as per the specification of customers and their needs. All the relevant details are studied thoroughly before designing all types of cranes and material handling equipment’s. We manufacture cranes from 0.5 to 200 Ton Capacity.

Design: All our cranes are designed as per Indian Standard Specifications 807 and 3177 and selection of class based on its application.

M5 – Light Duty These are normal maintenance cranes which are not in constant use. Cranes for periodical maintenance of plant and machinery come under this category. Their Speeds are slow and structures are light .

M6 – Medium Duty This class perhaps covers the largest number of Cranes used by the industry. In Workshops, Foundries, Processing Plants, Important warehouses and in fact every area where a fair degree of activity exists.

M7 – Heavy Duty For Workshops and production shops, where the cranes, in addition to normal handling work, also become a part of production by helping production in those workshops.

M8 – Extra Heavy Duty This class includes very special cranes of highest importance in steel industry, cement industry, important storage houses and in some other selected industries. These are for continuous operation.

Single girder cranes are designed to cover a wide range of modern industrial demands, providing excellent value for money with no compromise on performance. Amsak’s single girder crane has reduced wheel loads, saving costs on new support structures and increased lifting capacities on existing structures.

Amsak cranes offer various crane beam to end carriage constructions to ensure optimum use of headroom available. Hoists are offered as standard in low headroom format running on the bottom flange of the beam.

Double girder cranes give a better height of lift in a given headroom as the hook travels between the beams. They are available in higher capacities than single girder and for heavy duty applications they can be supplied with open winch hoists.

Normally double girder cranes have 25 tonnes capacity and also in higher capacities. One simple advantage of the double girder design is the possibility to fit a walkway to the crane which gives maintenance access to many critical parts of the crane and often to overhead lighting etc.

The Single Girder Gantry / Goliath Crane can be operated with cable connected pendant or radio remote control based on customer requirement. The operational modes of the gantry crane / goliath crane has different modes listed

  1. Fully Automated Mode
  2. Semi Automated Mode
  3. Manual Mode

in which all the three modes are delivered to customers based on their requirements.

Amsak Cranes is one of the top Gantry Crane / Goliath crane manufacturers in Chennai, India. We design , fabricate and installs gantry bridge crane systems to meet your material handling requirements. Our gantry bridge crane systems are available with either single, double girder bridges.

It is ideal for outdoor applications where lifting facilities are provided without the cost of a building or any supporting steelwork.

Amsak’s Rubber Tyre Gantry cranes (RTGs) deliver exceptional productivity and reliability in coil/container stacking. They are available with spans of between 20 metres and 30 metres. They have a rigid and stable steel structure allowing precise handling with smooth movements even at high speeds. The high-quality standard is achieved with ease of maintenance and results in minimum downtime leading to increased throughput per RTG unit.

Jib Cranes are available in a wide range of standard formats in capacities from 125 kg to 6300kg. Larger specially designed options are available on request. We offer two formats of jib-crane, the pillar or post-mounted jib and the wall or column mounted. Each of these may be equipped with chain hoists or wire rope hoists with the additional options of electric travel and electric slewing gear. Post-mounted jibs can be constructed to provide a slewing angle 360°. Fixed jibs and monorail solutions may be appropriate for other applications.

Amsak Cranes rope hoists feature high handling rates, cost-effective operation and maximum safety. As basic hoist units for integration into plant and machinery or as lifting solutions with electronic controls that are optimized for crane applications, with our wide range of rope hoists we offer the optimum solution to meet our customers’ specific requirements for efficiently lifting loads weighing up to 50 tonnes.

Amsak Light Crane System (LCS), can help you meet your specific application requirements precisely, quickly and efficiently. The components of our modular system can be combined to create individual suspension monorail, suspension crane, pillar and wall mounted slewing jib crane solutions. Our LCS installations can be integrated easily into any production infrastructure – and modified at any time. We provide various types of LCS Cranes as per customer requirements.