Single Girder Gantry / Goliath Crane

Single Girder Gantry Crane / Goliath Crane

Amsak Cranes is one of the top Gantry Crane / Goliath crane manufacturers in Chennai, India. We design , fabricate and installs gantry bridge crane systems to meet your material handling requirements. Our gantry bridge crane systems are available with either single, double girder bridges.

They are ideally used in aircraft, automotive, construction and marine repair shops where shifting and moving of building blocks are required. They also work well in warehouses, machine shops, and loading areas. Gantry-cranes are supplied with four roller-bearing steel wheels for easy maneuverability. These cranes are highly efficient to work outdoors, achieving high speeds and capacities.

The Single Girder Gantry / Goliath Crane can be operated with cable connected pendant or radio remote control based on customer requirement. The operational modes of the gantry crane / goliath crane has different modes listed

  1. Fully Automated Mode
  2. Semi Automated Mode
  3. Manual Mode

in which all the three modes are delivered to customers based on their requirements.

Most of the gantry cranes / goliath cranes are placed at outdoors however they can be installed into a closed building. The cranes placed outdoor are protected with corrosion allowance in design of main load bearing structural members, drilled holes on walkway to avoid accumulation of rain water, localized full cover for trolley, covers for Long travel motor/ brake, additional parking brake for Long travel motion, special paint, etc. 


  1. Precision tolerances and welding ensure component alignment and operational stability.
  2. We use standardized, quality Indian I-beams.
  3. All nuts, bolts, and pins are plated for corrosion resistance, and all Gantries are painted safety yellow.
  4. Outdoor use options available, including exterior coatings and stainless steel motors.

Where Single Girder Gantry / Goliath Crane used?

Service and Maintenance

single girder gantry crane

What makes Amsak Cranes a quality Gantry Crane / Goliath Crane Manufacturer in Chennai, India?

Amsak Cranes Private Limited was established in the year 1978 by Mr.S. Arumugam to be 'Quality Crane Manufacturer with Premium Support' to all range of customers.

Our product ranges from Single Girder EOT Cranes, Double Girder EOT Cranes, Single Girder Gantry Cranes, Double Girder Gantry Cranes, RTG(Rubber Tyred Gantry) Cranes, JIB Cranes, Electric Chain Hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist, LCS Cranes, Steel mill duty cranes, monorail systems with travelling hoists, special-purpose materials handling lifts, heavy fabricators and other allied equipment.

Amsak Cranes motto is "Quality Crane Products with Premium Support to all range of customers". We have been certified by Perry Johnson Registrars as quality crane manufacturer.

Amsak Cranes manufacture EOT Cranes up to 300 TON capacity. 

Single Girder EOT Cranes - 1 to 20 TON

Double Girder EOT Cranes - upto 300 TON

Single Girder Gantry Cranes - upto 200 TON

Double Girder Gantry Cranes - upto 200 TON

Rubber Tyre Gantry Cranes - upto 50 TON

Jib Cranes - 500 kg to 5 TON

LCS Cranes - 250 kg to 2 TON

Electric Chain Hoist - upto 3 TON

Electric Wire Rope Hoist - upto 20 TON

Amsak Cranes support all types and other manufacturer EOT cranes. Our core competence is to provide Powerful and Reliable Industrial Cranes for all customers.

Amsak Cranes have best own engineering team for erection, commission and 24/7 service support